About Us


Advent France Biotechnology is a French Life Sciences Venture Capital firm dedicated to seeding healthcare’s step forward.

We work with leading research institutions and well-established technology transfer offices, with a strong network of scientific and medical partners, exploring new territories to source breakthrough medical discoveries and drive inventive Life Sciences start-ups to success.

We embrace French Life Sciences’ dynamic of innovation. France harbors a vibrant environment for medical and scientific investigation, with some of the most leading-edge academic and research centers. Advent France Biotechnology seizes the opportunity to highlight their undervalued research programs and assets and participate in structuring France’s biotechnology ecosystem. With Advent France Biotechnology Seed Fund I, we stand as the first dedicated Life Sciences seed-fund in France.

Advent France Biotechnology is supported by Advent Life Sciences, one of Europe’s leading venture teams investing in Life Sciences businesses, giving us direct access to their team of 15 investment professionals. Advent France Biotechnology will apply the investment methodology of Advent Life Sciences that has proven to be highly successful in seeding, creating and supporting early stage Life Sciences projects in the UK and the US for 4 decades.

Advent France Biotechnology was founded in 2015 and is AMF regulated since 2016.


Advent France Biotechnology pro-actively sources disruptive innovations that will change standards of care and the life of tomorrow’s patients. We benefit from our extensive network of partners to look for dynamic teams working on experimental medical and scientific projects. We identify promising start-ups to help them transform their early-stage projects into viable entrepreneurial and commercial solutions.
We chose our start-ups with care, bearing in mind not only our investment but the transfer of an unprecedented biotechnology into a market driven venture.


Advent France Biotechnology partners with entrepreneurs, working closely with them to build promising companies, tomorrow’s leading businesses. We co-found companies with scientific founders, secure initial funding, build successful management teams. We sit at the board, may act as interim CEO and we review development plans and R&D strategy.


Advent France Biotechnology provides hands-on guidance. We share our insight and expertise, our financial resources and our network of experienced partners. We share our market understanding, assist in building commercial visibility and in shaping strategy.
We commit to our companies and their innovative projects, collaborating towards a common goal, a healthcare revolution. We help our companies develop, expand and thrive, leading them to success.



Advent France Biotechnology benefits from a highly qualified and experienced team with extensive medical, scientific, operational and business experience and a distinguished track-record. Our collaborative and complementary team of professionals understands the entrepreneurial process, has expertise in the medical field as well as in founding and managing companies and relies on a multidisciplinary network of experts to assess scientific and financial risks. But above all, we are committed, responsive to our partners and passionate. We value team spirit and business ethics.